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Please note: If you can advise any of the following information, when contacting us, it will assist us in answering your enquiry:

  • Mode / Method of transport e.g. Air, Courier, Road or Sea
  • Full description of goods, including the 10-digit Taric Commodity / Classification code if you have it – Click here for more details on obtaining your code(s).

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Data Protection

As per the GDPR Act 2018 and Data Protection Act 1998, we will ensure that no details are not kept on file, other than for use to process your enquiry, and under no circumstances will any details be sold on to any 3rd party. Please click here to read our Privacy Policy.

Please ask a member of our team for a copy of our Trading Terms and Conditions

Email us today at enquiries@ukimportservices.comTo allow us to give you a specific quote, it would be useful if you tell us:

1) What the goods are.

2) Where the goods are coming from.

3) The mode of transport.

4) The size and weight of the shipment.

5) Where the goods are being delivered to here in the UK.

Zero Tolerance Policy

We often get callers who are angry at the services and/or information given to them by other Companies or frustrated that UK Customs cannot give them any specific advice. It is for this reason that we must remind callers or emailers, that, like most other companies, we will not tolerate any verbal/written abuse against any member of our team. We cannot always guarantee that we will tell you what you want to hear, and sometimes we do not have all answers and may not be able to assist you. In such situations, we will try and refer you to certain Government departments, trade bodies or other third parties. Any abuse received will result in calls being ended immediately, emails not being responded to and if they are existing clients, the accounts may be closed.

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