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Importing Cider

Apple or Pear, Flavoured, Made-Wine (High Strength)

Cider is a very popular drink and a quick look on the supermarket shelf will show you that there is a lot of choice of brands, strengths and flavours, etc. Importing Cider sounds very straightforward, however, there are certain things which you should be aware of, which are:

What fruit is the Cider made from?
You may ask yourself what does it matter, but it actually matters a great deal. Only cider made solely of just Apple or Pear can be called Cider. Any cider made from any other fruit will be classed as ‘Made-Wine’ when it comes to the rate of excise duty applied.
Flavoured / Coloured, Made-Wine (High Strength)
The same as with any Cider which is made from other fruits, any Cider which contains any additional Flavouring or Colourings, is also classed as “Made-Wine”. It is the same again if any cider exceeds 8.5% which is then also classed as “Made-Wine”.
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