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Moving to the UK and bringing your Motor Vehicle

Moving to the UK and bringing your motor vehicle with you (from outside the EU)If you are deciding to make a permanent move to the UK, you can. But once again, you have to fulfil certain criteria to bring your motor vehicle with you without incurring any import duty and / or VAT.

For this you will need to apply before actually moving to UK. This can be done online, on the HMRC website, by completing the ToR1 form.ukimports

Under the new rules for the Transfer of Residence (ToR) scheme, you need to send your application to HMRC, as stated at the end of the ToR1 form, for approval.

Further information can be found on the following Customs notice, which it is recommended that you read prior to completing your ToR1 application:

You will need to apply in writing directly to UK Customs, by completing the form ToR1: Click here for the ToR1 form

When you are successful, you will be issued with a unique number which we need to quote on our Customs paperwork.

Finally, HMRC will usually want to see proof of residency in the Country of departure, by way of a utility bill, bank statement, insurance policy, employment letter or rental agreement etc. (something which shows a fixed address, not a mobile phone bill). Please can you provide something for us to forward to Customs with the rest of your paperwork.

Once approved, please contact us and advise more about when your goods are due to arrive.

Transfer of Residence (TOR)
Firstly, we MUST have the full list of items been shipped in advance of arrival.

IMPORTANT! Foodstuffs, Wines, Spirits, Beers or any form of tobacco are not allowed.

If the importer is moving their home to the UK, then this would be classed as a ‘Transfer of Residence’ and the procedure for this has changed recently.

The importer will need to read the following link to the Customs website, we hope that the revised process is self-explanatory:

HMRC Public Notice re change since November 2016

Click here for HMRC Public Notice on changes since November 2016


TOR1 Form

Please note:

Under the new Transfer of Residence process approval in needed PRIOR to the goods being despatched to the UK. If the importer has any questions regarding this process or any other general questions, then they can speak to UK Customs directly on (T) 0044 (0)300 200 3700.

(Note: Please ensure you ask for a call reference number from the Customs officer you speak to).

Some of the usual documents required, along with the completed form (TOR1), are:

  • a copy of a packing list
  • a copy AWB
  • a copy passport of the owner of the goods
  • proof of residency in the Country of Departure, plus
  • if the circumstances mean that the goods are coming into the UK temporarily, then please include a letter of explanation, outlining their plans, including timeframe for staying in the UK.

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