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Importing a VW Kombi / Camper Van

The VW Camper van needs no introduction. It is simply a classic.

You may know that the Volkswagen (VW) Camper is also known as a VW Type 2, but do you know why? No, well it is because it was the 2nd style of vehicle produced by Volkswagen. The Type 1 was called the Beetle, then came the Type 2, the camper.

If you are wanting to import one of these iconic vehicles, then we can help.

As with any goods being imported into the UK, the first thing is the classification in the Customs tariff.

Question: Is a VW Camper a commercial vehicle (panel-van)? or a bus? A Motor home? or a car (a people-carrier)? … the answer to all of these can be ‘Yes’.

The classification for your particular Camper depends on it’s style, interior or special modifications. Please visit our webpage on the Classification of goods, for further information: Classification of Goods

The 1st Generation VW camper van, built between 1950-1967, is easily recognisable with its trademark split-screen windscreen.

After the 1st Generation, there came what is known as the 2nd Generation (we know, shock right?). Shortly after the 2nd Gen. was in production, manufacturing moved from Germany in 1979 solely to South America (production in South America actually started in 1971).

In it’s hey day of the 70s, the VW Camper van was a multi-purpose vehicle which you could load up and travel (or should we say ‘cruise’) without having a care in World. With beds and sinks incorporated into many and room to strap your surf board on the roof-rack, all is needed is your cassette tape of the Beach Boys before you hit the open road. Does life get any better than this?


There are a few different options available when shipping vehicles. Further information on this can be found on one of our other pages: Shipping a vehicle

Once the method of shipping has been established, we need to know things like where it is coming from, where it is destined for in the UK, the reason for importation etc.

For shipping purposes, we usually use the following weights and dimensions for a VW Camper: (L) 450.0 x (W) 176.0 x (H) 200.0 = 15.84 Cbm @ Kerb weight 2,250 Kgs.

These measurements usually cover most basic camper vans, however, if you have a tow-bar, nudge bar, spare-tyre on the front or a roof-rack or if it has been lowered, then you will probably need to check your actual sizes and let us know as this will affect the shipping cost.

We would also need to know about the condition. Does it run? Is it just a rolling-chassis for spares/restoration? Perhaps it is in mint/showroom condition? All these will need to taken into consideration when quoting for the shipping to the UK.

Relief from any import duty and/or VAT:

As with a lot of makes of vehicles, the early campers were made by Volkswagen (VW) within the EU. We have another page on this particular subject: EU Return Vehicles

Older vehicles, can also fall under the description of ‘Vehicles of Historical Interest’, which again could save you money: We have another page on this subject too: Vehicles of historical interest

Why not contact a member of our Imports Team who will be able to guide you through the process and the costs involved.

Further reading (external websites):

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Remember : Shipping and Customs clearance doesn’t have to be expensive, but choosing the wrong agent could be! ™ ukimports

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